The Panflute has Mystic Sounds and Soaring Beauty.
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  News: Sean Koreski has just finished his new Album called, Serenity. This New release features music by Bach, Mozart, Purcell and others Featured on his own had made Panflute and Chamber Organ. This is soon to be available for online purchase.


  Pan Flute Soloist, Sean Koreski, completely engulfs and mesmerizes his Audiences with the beautiful sound of the Panpipes that speak, without words, to the hearts of all listeners evoking feelings of Peace and calm. The complementing sound of rich instrumentation completes this amazing experience!!!


Beautiful Flute is the name of Sean Koreski's Musical project.
He previously performed both Traditional Andean songs (from Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador) and his own New-age compositions using Pan Flute and other  Andean Flutes. More Recently His Concerts Feature Classical Music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Sean is commonly heard as a Soloist in the North Western United States. We hope you Enjoy your Visit on our Page.






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