The Panflute has Mystic Sounds and Soaring Beauty.
              Professional Panflutes 
                     made by Sean Koreski

   Decades ago
Sean Koreski was
frustrated with the low quality of Pan flutes made by other builders, so he began building his own Pan flutes for his Concerts. Others noted the warm, full tone of his pan flutes and began requesting he also build for them. Now after selling Pan flutes to Musicians all over the world,, he continues building these Fantastic Pan flutes.

  Below are three of the most popular Pan flutes he builds! Other styles and tuning s available upon request.

1. 20 Pipe Traditional Pan flute. B1-g4
Price: $1075 

2. 22 Pipe Concert Pan flute. G1-g4
Price: $1275

3. 25 Pipe Extended Concert Pan flute. D1-g4
Price: $1575

To Order Contact Sean Koreski Personally,,
by email:
or by phone: 971-207-6997

Note: Each panflute is carefully hand made over a considerable amount of time (2 to 3 weeks on average) . On hand stock is limited. Most Pan flutes are made only as they are ordered, waiting lists are common, so act today!

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